Annual furnace inspections may not be on your yearly list of things to do, but they should be! Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating, A/C, and Electric receive calls regularly in the Fall season to check furnaces before they will be used daily during the cold winter. Here are 5 reasons you should have your furnace inspected annually:

Prolong The Life Of Your Furnace: Like a vehicle that needs an oil change and fluids checked every 5,000 miles, the same is true for your furnace. When you have your unit inspected annually, you are taking measures to prevent a costly surprise down the road.

Parts Inspection: When one of our professional technicians evaluates the working condition of your furnace, we also check and make sure each part is working as efficiently as it should be.

Increased Efficiency: When you have your home’s furnace inspected annually, the technicians are making sure everything is working as it should which means that it will maintain its efficiency.

Rust and Dirt Buildup: One of the most important checks we do is checking for rust and dirt build up. When rust and dirt build up, it can cause hot spots in your unit’s heat exchanger.

Valid Warranty: If your unit is brand new, having required yearly inspections will keep the warranty valid through the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Having our skilled technicians inspect your home’s furnace is important and affordable. Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating, A/C, Electric have flexible schedules and can work with you on a time that best fits your needs. Call us today to schedule your home’s annual furnace inspection today.