Here are a few examples of the top furnace problems and the best ways to fix them, according to the Affordable Service Team. A furnace can experience a variety of issues. It’s important to understand the most common types of problems in order to find an immediate solution to avoid further issues. 

#1 Dirty Filters

A dirty or clogged air filter can cause a wide range of issues, as it restricts the airflow. Taking the extra time to change the air filters regularly is always a good idea.

#2 Everyday Wear and Tear

Although it may come as a surprise, normal wear and tear can also cause issues. Your heater may begin to overheat, or you may experience airflow problems. This is where routine maintenance is key. Keeping an eye out for irregularities such as odd noises will also help in the long run.

#3 Lack of Maintenance

A lack of maintenance can also cause your equipment to break down over time. We suggest periodically scheduling routine maintenance with an HVAC professional. This can help you avoid costly expenses in the future and prolong the life of your furnace.

#4 Malfunctioning Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is another common issue. A malfunctioning thermostat can make it difficult to regulate the temperature of your home and can even cause issues with your fan.

#5 Noisy Furnace

Sometimes a heater can begin to make rumbling or squeaking noises. These sounds may indicate a mechanical issue or a clogged burner. Reach out to expert technicians to investigate. Finding the source of the problem can save you money and unnecessary stress down the road.

Understanding the most common types of issues that come along with a furnace is a good way to avoid costly repairs and inconveniences. The experts at Affordable Service are available 24/7! Reach out to us for your HVAC needs.