Unlike cold nights, hot ones can often disturb our comfort and lead to poor sleep patterns due to increased wakefulness plus reduced slow-wave and rapid-eye-movement sleep. So, how do you effectively counteract these effects? Well, if your home is equipped with a reliable A/C unit, there are several steps you can take to improve your sleep quality on hot nights.

One effective method is increasing air circulation throughout your home, especially in the bedroom. We suggest using indoor fans while sleeping and turning on bathroom fans during showers. By circulating the air, your fans create a refreshing wind chill effect that complements the temperature set on your thermostat. Using bathroom fans will eliminate excess humidity, further contributing to a more comfortable sleep environment.

Secondly, develop the habit of lowering your thermostats past their normal range in the evenings, as studies have shown that our body’s central temperatures naturally decrease after sunset. Therefore, turning down your thermostat can assist in actively signaling your body that it’s time for bed. Most experts agree 65 degrees is the best temperature for when you sleep, but a generally accepted range is 60 to 67 degrees. Just remember to avoid setting it down this low until bedtime, because, during the day, it will cause excessive cooling and increase preventable expenses.

Thirdly, consider a game-changing smart thermostat. These units allow you to manually schedule the temperature and come equipped with advanced learning algorithms. Over time, smart thermostats will automatically learn your habits and adjust, providing optimal comfort without physical intervention. Not to mention the benefits go beyond comfort alone as the energy savings are something you’ll surely notice on your monthly bill.

If you’ve tried the tips above but are still struggling to get a good night’s sleep, consider contacting¬†Affordable Service. We have a range of options and products available. Whether it’s installing a new unit, adding a ductless mini-split to a room, repairing your current unit, or switching over from a swamp cooler, we understand the importance of uninterrupted sleep.