Smart thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled and can automatically adjust the temperature in your home. They provide features that are helpful, including:

  • Convenience, changing the temperature when you’re away or when you’re asleep.
  • Control through remote access via your smartphone.
  • Insight on your equipment use and temperature data.

Because the technology in a smart thermostat enters a low-power mode when inactive and because they adjust the heating or cooling on the schedule you’ve set, they can save substantially on your energy bill.

Several studies show that when used properly, a smart thermostat can reduce your energy use by as much as 23%. Over the course of a year, that equates to hundreds of dollars in savings.

Programmable thermostats are similar to smart thermostats but usually require more user input, such as adjusting for daylight savings time. Energy Star reports that a programmable model can save up to $180 annually when it’s used correctly.

A smart thermostat is more adaptive and intuitive to your lifestyle and also offers the access from outside the home using a mobile app. Since you can view the data on how much energy you used, you can make changes to your temperature settings to save additional money.

When you install a new heating or cooling system, we recommend that the Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical technician also installs a smart thermostat. Our Energy Star smart thermostats will give you increased convenience as well as energy savings. For more information on a conversion to a new HVAC system or on smart thermostats, give us a call.