If water is coming from your refrigerated air conditioning system, it can cause concern but it’s usually not a serious issue.

Today’s refrigerated air systems may contain an indoor component as well as the outdoor component. An evaporator coil is usually in the indoor unit, cooling the warm air that passes over it and pushing the  cool air into your home. When hot air blows over the coil, condensation can form. That will drip into a drain pan that is connected to a condensation line which leads out of your home or sometimes, drains into an existing drain in the home.

If you see water inside the home, it’s possible the condensation drain line has become clogged with dust or even mold. If it’s clogged, water can’t move through, so it backs up into the home. You may be able to remove the clog with a wet/dry vacuum but if it continues to back up, call the techs at Affordable Service to solve the problem.

Another reason that water could be coming from your air conditioner is if the air filters are very dirty. They do need to be changed frequently in our dusty, high desert climate. If they are dirty, the A/C unit has to work harder, using more energy and putting more strain on the equipment, but also blocking the flow of air over the evaporator coil. When the air is blocked and not entering the home, the coil can freeze up. As that begins to melt, it’s possible to have excess water in the drain pain that overflows.

The hard water found in Rio Rancho and along the West Mesa can also create buildup in the condensation line or even damage the drain pan.

If the refrigerated air system is low on coolant, not only will it not cool your home very well, but the evaporator coil can also freeze. A regular inspection of your HVAC system is a good idea, usually done twice a year before you convert to summer cooling, as well as before the furnace is needed in the winter.

Keeping the HVAC system in your home in good operating condition is what we do best at Affordable Service. Our service maintenance contracts give you routine maintenance on your system as well as priority scheduling and a discount on any repair or service call during the term. Call on Affordable to help keep your heating and cooling equipment running smoothly!