With the climate being what it is in New Mexico, local homes typically have an swamp cooler, rather than refrigerated air, and here is the best time to switch over your swamp cooler. Although they may seem similar, swamp coolers function very differently than an AC unit. Because these systems are so different, the maintenance for each differs as well.


As temperatures are climbing, you may be wondering, “when is the best time to change things up?”. The best time to switch over your cooler is typically in May after the chances of freeze warnings are less likely. Sometimes you can even wait until June when the heat begins to rise and opening a window just will not cut it!

Below are a few tips to keep in mind when deciding when to switch over your swamp cooler.

1. Swamp coolers are typically covered during the colder months. To get your swamp cooler ready for Summer, make sure you uncover it and clean off any debris. You can also take it apart to clean it more thoroughly if necessary.

2. Make sure you change any old pads. Typically, these should be changed every year. Many areas in New Mexico have hard water, which makes this step even more important. If you are unsure as to which type of pad is correct for your evaporative cooler, check your manual.

3. The last important step to getting your home crisp and cool is to reconnect the water line and turn on the unit. It is important to look for any leaks and to ensure everything appears to be running smoothly before running your evaporative cooler for the Summer.

For any other questions or to schedule maintenance on your swamp cooler, reach out to the team at Affordable Service! We will get your home nice and cool just in time for this New Mexico heat.