Whether it’s a new swamp cooler or a refrigerated air HVAC system, having a new heating and cooling unit installed is a process. The professional technicians at Affordable Service in Rio Rancho have installed thousands of systems across the Albuquerque Metro area since 1986, and we take the time to do each one right.

Before installation day, you’ve worked with an estimator who visited your home to make sure of the proper capacity your system needs to heat and cool. Once we’ve assembled all the components and, if needed, done an upgrade to the electrical panel for the refrigerated air unit’s needs, we schedule a day to be at your home.

On installation day, you’ll have several technicians on site to perform the installation. In some rare cases, a crane and its operator may be needed to lift the unit onto the roof. A Manager on site or stopping by to visit is common to advise crew if needed as well as to be there for the customer.

During installation, our team is focused on working smoothly and communicating to ensure on-site safety and proper workflow. They will remove the old equipment, remove any refrigerant, and clean up the area outdoors.

Indoors, a technician will need to test the system. He or she will wear shoe covers when entering your home. You’ll be asked to verify that the system is working, learn about preventive maintenance and we will answer any questions about the thermostat, filters or other items you’d like to know.

Your warranty information will be sent in an email when installation is completed. We encourage you to print a copy to keep in your home-related paperwork. On our website, you can also create an account to log in to your service file for receipts, warranties or to schedule service.

Depending on the system installation can take between 3-8 hours from beginning to end of installation.

If we can help improve your home’s comfort and energy-efficiency with a new HVAC system or today’s improved evaporative cooling units, let us know. Affordable Service is here to help.