At Affordable Service our plumbers know all too well about polybutylene piping in some areas of Rio Rancho so it’s important to replace them with PEX piping,. Many homes were built using polybutylene piping, which has since become notorious for breaking and flooding homes that still use this type of plumbing material. Once the problem was detected, manufacturers switched over to PEX piping, which is Cross-Linked Polyethylene, and is mainly used to replace copper and galvanized pipes. This type of piping is made to be flexible yet durable and is made to distribute water through your home’s water supply.

There are four different colors to PEX piping:

Red: Which carries hot water.

Blue: Which carries cold water.

White & Grey: Which can be used for either hot or cold.

Unlike copper and galvanized piping that requires special branching from bigger pipes and smaller pipes, with PEX piping it can easily be distributed uninterrupted through several walls. Another added benefit to PEX piping is that it can expand, unlike copper and galvanized piping: this comes in handy during freezes in the winter!

If you are looking for the right company to replace the piping in your home, Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric has been installing PEX piping for several years, and our customers are happy! PEX piping will give you piece of mind, and our technicians can answer any and all of your questions. Call our office to schedule an estimate to replace the piping in your home before it’s too late.