Water is a scarce resource in our arid, high desert climate so here are some ways you can do your part to reduce our overall water consumption in New Mexico! In light of the fact that our state has been struggling with drought for the past few years, conserving water is more important than ever! At Affordable Service, we want to do our part to safeguard this precious resource. 

  1. 1. Install efficient fixtures. Call Affordable Service to install water efficient toilets, tap aerators, and efficient showerheads. Look for appliances that have a WaterSense label.
  2. Turn off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth. By simply turning off the faucet while you brush, you can save approximately 200 gallons of water a month!
  3. Water in the early morning. Watering in the morning ensures less water is lost to evaporation.
  4. Fix your leaks. A leaky faucet can waste up to 3,000 gallons annually! Be sure to call Affordable Service to fix any leaking or burst pipes in your home!
  5. Run the dishwasher and washing machine when they’re full. Don’t do a half load of laundry or run the dishwasher with only a few dishes. Use cold water when possible.
  6. Take shorter showers. If your showerhead produces two gallons of water a minute, cutting your 15-minute shower down to 10 can save approximately 3,700 gallons of water a year! If you really want to take it to the next level, use a shower bucket to catch the water from your shower, and use it to water your plants.
  7. Switch from a swamp cooler to refrigerated air. Swamp coolers use water and electricity, refrigerated air conditioners use electricity. Switching over to refrigerated air not only saves water, but qualifies you for a PNM rebate of up to $600! Refrigerated air users also are eligible to receive a $300 federal tax credit!

There are plenty of ways to conserve water and do your part to ensure that future generations thrive in the land of enchantment. Affordable Service is here to help you in your endeavors! Call us for your plumbing or AC needs. Together we can preserve this precious resource!