Water heater repair costs vary considerably depending on the specific problem. Many homeowners don’t think about servicing their water heater until something goes wrong. When this happens, faucets and appliances may only produce cold water. Common problems include sensor issues, faulty thermostats and heating element failure. Numerous heaters also develop internal corrosion. This can eventually create holes in the tank that cause it to leak. 

A heater will last considerably longer and work better if it is maintained well. One of the most important tasks is to inspect the anode rod each year. This component will prevent rust and corrosion if a technician replaces it when necessary. It also makes sense to eliminate sediment by draining and flushing your tank every year. Affordable Service can assist in maintenance on your water heater.

In some situations, water heaters can’t be repaired. For instance, it’s often impossible to fix a tank that leaks due to corrosion. You may also choose to replace a unit if it develops any problem after exceeding 10 years of age. Most tank-based heaters don’t last more than 15 years, and newer units’ function more efficiently. Affordable Service can install regular and tankless units when replacement is your only option.

For the best results, contact Affordable Service when you need water heater repairs, maintenance or replacement. Our experienced staff performs standard and emergency water heater repair in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. For dependable 24/7 repair service from people you can trust, call us today 505-891- 8907.