Here at Affordable Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric our technicians have compiled a list of helpful tips to keep you cool and your cooling bill lower. The last thing anyone needs is a hefty electricity bill just to keep you and your family cool this summer.  We are here for you and your cooling needs, so do not hesitate to call with any plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electric problems that arise.


1-Utilize Your Fans: Stagnant air doesn’t keep you or anyone else cool, but by turning on your ceiling fans or mobile fans, it keeps your air circulating. Feeling a little cooler with air blowing on you is a win for your wallet. Be sure to turn them off when you aren’t home, so you don’t waste energy.

2-Keep The Shades Drawn & Doors Closed: Letting in less light and keeping the house dark keeps that heat from building up indoors. Peak hot hours begin after lunch and an hour before the sunsets. Don’t waste that cool air by forgetting to close a door. Air that is moving moves out quickly and can take longer to cool again than it did to escape.

3-Cook Outside: It’s time to dust off that grill and get to cooking in the open air. Less heat you put into the house, the less your air conditioning unit must work.

4-Change Filters: This may not seem like a big saving item, but if your air can move easily through your filter then you’re saving money and making sure that you’re breathing in clean air!

5-Check Your Vents: Some homeowners have room vents shut off where the room isn’t utilized and that doesn’t necessarily work well. It is recommended that no more than one room vent is closed to keep your air conditioner working efficiently.

Every small change can make an impact on your cooling needs. Affordable Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric are here to help you keep cool and comfortable these hot summer months. It is always a good idea to have your unit checked if you feel your home is not cooling efficiently. Call today to schedule your appointment with one of our skilled technicians.