Inception of a Central Heating System

The concept of the modern furnace was introduced in the 1920s, revolutionizing how families heated their homes. Before that, fireplaces or wood stoves were the only option for heating. Alice Parker’s patent for a central heating system came to light. It ended the need for everyone to huddle around the fireplace or stove during cold winter days. Simply put, the invention created a genius process for controlling warm air and evenly distributing it around a family’s home. The real negative to Parker’s system was gravity. An abundance of air would ‘fall’ and return into the furnace, so the process had to be smoothed out.

Efficiency Updates

Thanks to Parker’s invention, the world would continue to develop and improve the performance of furnaces. One such improvement was the development of ductwork that allowed air to be distributed throughout a home for heating purposes. The HVAC industry devised a solution to use gravity to transfer air through ducts, enabling heat to rise above the furnace. The heated air would then be discharged through vents, where gravity circulated it back efficiently into the furnace to be heated and distributed again. However, in the early days of this technology, there was no efficient way to build ductwork above homes, resulting in engineered ductwork being piled up in homes with basements.

The Modern Furnace

In came the idea to have a motorized HVAC system. Air transfer became more efficient by using a motor to power the system. This resulted in a stronger force to emit and recirculate air, which could now be controlled via a thermostat that measures temperatures. Later, additional inventions, such as filters, were introduced to enhance air quality further. The ductwork improvement has been ongoing and continues to be improved even today.

Smart Technology

The advent of smart technology has elevated furnace efficiency to an unprecedented level. Nowadays, furnaces can be remotely controlled and even programmed by AI to reach optimal warmth.

A modern furnace is an investment but one that is worthwhile. It’s efficient, reliable, and powerful enough to heat any home, small or large. While replacing your furnace can seem costly, continued use of an old furnace can present its fair share of problems, such as fire risks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and leaks. These issues can all lead to even more expensive repairs for your furnace.

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