It can be tempting to keep using an old furnace, and durable construction means they’re often built to last. However, there are a number of potential risks of using old equipment, especially if it has not been maintained correctly. Here are a few risks and some of the ways a furnace replacement can keep you and your family safe.

Fire Risks
Furnaces and other heating items are designed to safely combust material to generate heat, and most have several failsafes to avoid fires. Over time, however, these failsafes can corrode or otherwise break down. Estimates on how long heating equipment can last are only that: estimates. Furthermore, older items lack many of the safety features of more recent equipment and lack the redundancy needed to ensure safe operation.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Again, most heating equipment is designed to prevent carbon monoxide releases, but sensors eventually degrade, which can put you at risk. In addition to major failures that lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, old heating equipment often loses its efficiency over time, which can produce small levels of carbon monoxide due to incomplete combustion. These low levels might not trip sensors but can cause health problems.

Heating natural gas can cause a range of health issues, and older heating units are more prone to leaking gas that newer ones. Corrosion is inevitable over time, and small leaks are a likely result. While sensors can often detect the presence of gas, they’re prone to failure, potentially leading to potentially fatal poisoning. Exposure to small amounts of gas can also cause health problems over time. Oil furnaces are prone to leaks as well, and these leaks can damage your home and present a fire risk. Replacements make these risks far less likely to occur.

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