A more energy-efficient water heater is available, known as a tankless water heater or a demand-type water heater. Your gas or electric hot water heater is one of your home’s biggest users of energy. Keeping a 40 gallon tank of water heated to 120 degrees for 24 hours a day may give you some convenience, but the cost to maintain that temperature adds up.

 These units produce hot water only when it is needed, eliminating the need for the large storage tank of hot water.

Tankless water heaters heat water when the hot water tap is turned on, using either electricity or gas. A tankless water heater can supply hot water at the rate of two to five gallons per minute, more than enough for a long, hot shower.

Depending on the tankless water heater’s flow rate, some larger households might reach the capacity for enough hot water flow for multiple simultaneous uses, such as showering, running the dishwasher and the washing machine all at the same time. If you want the flexibility to have more hot water capacity for simultaneous use, homeowners can choose to install multiple tankless water heaters to accommodate the personal hot water needs as well of that of appliances.

It’s estimated that in homes that use 41 gallons or less of hot water each day, an on-demand or tankless water heater could be up to 34% more efficient than a conventional 40 gallon hot water storage tank.

While tankless water heaters’ prices are usually a bit more than a conventional hot water heater, they typically have a longer lifespan as well as lower energy costs. Tankless water heaters are expected to have a 20 year life expectancy while storage tanks usually last 10-15 years. Maintenance on a tankless water heater is usually easier and less costly.

For a free estimate on installing a tankless hot water heater, call the local plumbing experts at Affordable Service. Our staff will evaluate your home or business and discuss fuel type, building code requirements, and the flow rate that would be needed for your tankless hot water heater. We love helping Rio Rancho and greater Albuquerque residents save money with tankless water heaters.