Which signs should you looks for when it’s time to replace your toilet? When it comes to necessity, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the entire house, so it’s important to keep everything running smoothly and in good working condition. Taking care of your home and staying up to date with maintenance can go a long way in preventing costly repairs. This includes keeping an eye out for the warning signs of a faulty toilet. Letting things go may result in further issues, such as flooding and water damage. If you experience the following, it may be time to replace your commode.


Unclogging a toilet is never fun, especially when you are doing it often. If you recognize that your toilet is constantly clogging up, this could be a sign that your pipes are in need of some care. They may not be filtering properly and can become backup up. Having an experienced technician check things out right away can prevent even bigger problems down the road.


When sitting, your commode should be sturdy. If your toilet wobbles when you sit, you may just be dealing with some loose screws, which is fairly simple to fix. Wobbling can also be caused by water damage beneath the toilet. Water damage may not even be visible to the naked eye, so it’s important to get this looked at as soon as possible.


Cracks in the porcelain tend to happen with age and are inevitable. This being said, they can result in leaks. If you have a toilet that’s constantly running, these leaks can quickly become an issue. A small leak can turn in to flooding as well as severe water damage to your bathroom and home. Make sure to periodically inspect your toilet, especially if it is older, or is prone to running continuously.

These are just a few warning signs that it’s time to replace your toilet. If you are unsure, or are experiencing issues with your plumbing, reach out to the experts at Affordable Service. We will ensure that everything is running smoothly for you this Holiday Season!