When you’re facing a problem with your HVAC unit, your first thought is probably to get the issue repaired quickly but it might be time to replace.

This makes sense. After all, who wants to spend more than they have to or wait any longer than necessary to get their unit functioning properly again? However, there are times when it may make sense to consider replacement rather than repair. While discussing the situation with your Affordable Service technician should always be your first step, we’ve put together some brief information that could help you decide which to do.

One of the most important considerations is the age of the system. Most HVAC units have an expected life of 10 to 15 years. Therefore, if your 14-year-old system breaks, replacing may be the right thing to do. Even if you repaired, it could be just a short while before you’d be facing another problem.

Another major consideration is what the repair would cost. If the repair would cost more than 1/3 the price of replacement, you may find that it would be a smarter financial move to go ahead and replace. Also, think about any savings by upgrading to a more modern machine.

There are other issues at hand too. If you have reliable and honest HVAC maintenance experts, like the Affordable Service team, on your side, don’t be afraid to ask what they recommend. The ultimate goal is to make sure you and your family stay comfortable all year round, with as little interruption in service as possible. If you’d like to talk to someone you can trust, reach out to us at Affordable Service Plumbing and Heating. We are here for you.

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