Rebates and incentives on water, which is a precious commodity, are helpful for responsible homeowners wanting to know what they can do to help conserve this resource! The city of Rio Rancho makes it easier for homeowners to do their part, by offering some great incentives! At Affordable Service Plumbing and Heating we like to inform our customers of some of these programs that can help them save money, and the environment!

In Rio Rancho, if you trade in your water guzzling washer or toilet for a high efficiency one, or an on/off swamp cooler for a programmable one, you could be eligible for a rebate. Changing out your washer for an approved high-efficiency one will get you a $100 credit on your water bill. Trading out your toilet for an approved WaterSense compliant one will get you a credit of $100 as well. Upgrading to an automatic programmable swamp cooler thermostat will earn you a $30 credit on your water bill. To claim your rebate, use this application, and submit it to the City of Rio Rancho Water Conservation Office!

Water conservation efforts aren’t limited to indoor efforts, there’s much that you can do outdoors too, especially during the summer! High efficiency rotating sprinkler nozzles can be used to replace your current nozzles for a rebate of $2 each. Replace your old irrigation timer with a smart controller and you could be refunded up to $300 on your water bill! Fill out the City of Rio Rancho Outdoor Rebate Application and submit to the Water Conservation Office.

If you are interested in switching out some of your fixtures in your home or yard, contact Affordable Service! We’d be happy to help you find WaterSense compliant appliances and help you with the process of applying for your rebate! Contact us today!