It’s an instance we don’t want anybody to experience. You get home after a long workday, and it’s freezing outside. Upon turning on your furnace, you notice it’s blowing cold air. This instance is incredibly stressful in New Mexico, where our late fall and winter months temperatures can consistently drop below freezing. Luckily, there are usually specific reasons for this, and a couple will let you know if you should call an Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric HVAC technician. Here are three:

Incorrect Thermostat Settings 

First, an easy DIY solution is checking the settings on the thermostat that controls the furnace. Homeowners who use the same thermostat for their air conditioning and furnace must remember to adjust the settings when summer ends and fall begins. If they don’t, this can leave the fan setting “on,” resulting in a continuous flow of cold air blowing through the home’s vents at various times throughout the day. If you have this type of setup, it’s vital to ensure the fan function is set to “auto” so that the furnace and fan both power on together as intended. One thing to note is that a properly installed smart thermostat can resolve this issue automatically as it will adhere to the seasons and weather outside.

A Dirty Filter

Homeowners should replace furnace filters regularly. Every 90 days at least. If not, the accumulated dust and debris will clog the filter and cause heating issues. Turn off your furnace and inspect the filter. If the furnace is not already making a whistling sound, but the filter is noticeably dirty, replace it. You can purchase a new one at your local hardware store. It is relatively inexpensive, and filters come in packs of three. This simple maintenance task also helps to protect your heat exchanger or motor from damage that can occur over time if there is no proper filter in place. Neglecting the filter shortens the furnace’s lifespan and could result in costly furnace repairs.

Overheating System

In the worst-case scenario, your furnace is overheating, meaning you might need to replace it. If your furnace has a new filter, then the issue is mechanical. Whether it’s a failure or a system overdue for replacement, many furnaces will oddly begin blowing cold air through your vents as a part of a safety feature activating to prevent disaster. Eventually, if it is bad enough, the unit will entirely shut down. A furnace that needs repair is not something to take lightly. As if not having a warm home isn’t bad enough, a broken heating system can be deadly if it’s leaking carbon monoxide or is a potential fire hazard.

Over time, a furnace can experience a variety of issues. It’s important to understand the most common types of problems to find an immediate solution to avoid further issues and costly repairs: dirty filters, everyday wear and tear, or a malfunctioning thermostat. If all else fails, rest assured that Affordable Service will be willing and ready to repair your furnace at an affordable cost. If inspection or repairs are needed, contact us today!