Over the past several weeks, the weather has been hot, and because of recent and consistent rainstorms, it’s also been humid! The humidity alone can make it difficult for us to cool off, and we’ve been getting calls that units are not working and not cooling as they should. Because of the recent uptick in calls to have units checked out, our skilled and highly professional Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric technicians are providing tips to keep your air conditioner running as it should.

Did you know that your air conditioner can freeze up? Refrigerated air conditioners need proper airflow that helps to keep the cold coil warm. If your evaporator coils get too cold, they will literally freeze, and ice may form around the coils. Proper airflow is often the answer, but sometimes freeze-ups can be due to other complications. Often, dirty air filters and closed air vents can contribute to the lack of efficient airflow needed. Another reason your air conditioner may be freezing up is that the refrigerant is too low, and it’s working too hard to get your home to the temperature you desire. One other issue that impedes proper airflow can be from the air intake area. Make sure the outside area is clear of clutter and that air can move freely. And last but not least, another main contributor to your air conditioner freezing up is setting the temperature too low. Contact our service technicians if your a/c unit stops cooling.

These tips are generally great to start when your air conditioner is on, but your home isn’t cooling. After checking your air filters, making sure the vents in your home are open, your air intake is clear, and your temperature is set to a decent temperature above 65 degrees, our technicians can come and take a look. Just let us know, and we can schedule a technician to come to your home and get your air conditioner working. Summer is almost coming to an end, but Affordable Service HVAC still wants you to be comfortably cool.