Radiant heat systems are becoming increasingly popular for heating your home. This system employs floor heat and leverages radiant heat technology to heat your living area. This has several advantages, including better heat distribution throughout your home, a reduced spread of allergens, and greater efficiency compared to standard systems. There are certain things our experts will examine to ensure your system’s safety and proper functioning. Here are a few examples of each:


  • In Depth Planning: Our experts take many factors into account when installing an underfloor heating system, including desired output, flooring type, insulation, and thermostat and sensor placement.
  • Making Sure Your Home Electrical Set-Up is Appropriate: Our team of technicians is also highly knowledgeable about the electrical needs of radiant flooring. They will assess your home’s electrical capacity and recommend any necessary upgrades to ensure your system is adequately powered. You can be confident that your radiant flooring will function properly when working with us.
  • Determine the Exact Amount of Heat for Your Home: We will compute the necessary heat amount based on your home’s dimensions and the specific areas you want to warm. This result will then be included in the system’s design. Consequently, your home might require less power and fewer cables to maintain a cozy temperature inside your home, which is beneficial for the environment and your finances.


  • Cut Corners Throughout the Process: One thing you’ll get with Affordable Service is our total dedication to providing exceptional service. We will recommend the best process at any point during installation, regardless of the cost or labor involved. We recognize that a radiant heating system is an investment, and we don’t want that to go to waste due to system malfunction. Our objective is to guarantee that you acquire a dependable and enduring system.
  • Use Poor Quality Materials: We prioritize quality in every aspect, whether our work or the materials used, like heating cables, tubing, panels, or insulation. Our primary objective is to deliver a cutting-edge system worth investing in, ensuring durability for years to come.
  • Install Your System Without the Proper Environment: We are dedicated to furnishing all the essential requirements for the smooth operation of your system. If you have carpet, depending on the type and thickness, we may recommend hard flooring. In the absence of a programmable thermostat that can be adjusted, we will gladly install one. Rest assured that we will provide all the necessary information and inform you about any requirements worth noting.

For scheduled service to start your radiant heat system in the Albuquerque area or for 24/7 emergency service, contact Affordable Service. We’ve served residential and commercial customers in New Mexico for over 30 years. Call us for dependable, affordable expertise!