In the quest for mindful water use, the City of Rio Rancho introduces the Refrigerated Air Conversion Rebate. The program encourages homeowners to transition from swamp coolers to high-efficiency refrigerated air conditioners. Beyond personal comfort, this initiative aligns with the City’s commitment to water conservation, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come. That’s something Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric can get behind.

Navigating Eligibility
If you’re a homeowner in Rio Rancho, switching to refrigerated air can help you conserve water and save money. Therefore, if you qualify for it, it can be the best of both worlds. Also, the process to determine your eligibility for the Refrigerated Air Conversion Rebate is straightforward:

  • At the time of purchase, applicants for the rebate must be a City of Rio Rancho water utility service customer with an account in their name at the service address of the conversion.
  • The home must currently have an installed swamp cooler unit to qualify.
  • This rebate program is exclusively for residential homes; commercial properties are not eligible.

If You Qualify, How Do You Participate?
You need to go through a simple process to engage with the program. First, complete the Refrigerated Air Conversion Rebate Application Form, ensuring a swamp cooler is the current unit you had before your participation. Also, you’ll need to include a quote containing the details of the newly selected refrigerated air unit and the name of the company from which you are purchasing and installing it. Before the actual purchase and installation happens, you’ll need to contact the Water Conservation Office at 505-896-8715 to schedule a pre-inspection of your property and review your application. Furthermore, the new unit installation must be completed within 90 days of the approved first inspection by a licensed HVAC professional or company like Affordable Service. This requirement ensures that a reputable and capable company installs the unit. To complete the rebate process for your new unit installation, submit receipts to the city and schedule a post-inspection within 30 days. This will confirm to you as a homeowner that you receive a $1,500 credit on your water bill within 90 days.

Additional Requirements and InformationIt is essential to be aware of some other program details. Homeowners are eligible for only one rebate per address and once per lifetime. The new refrigerated air unit must be high-efficiency (SEER > 16), and that’s why a pre-inspection is required. The old swamp cooler must also be disposed of properly in accordance with city guidelines. If you breach the above conditions, the applicants must repay the rebate. You can find additional detailed information and the program application here.

Embrace optimal home comfort and contribute to water conservation with Rio Rancho’s Refrigerated Air Rebate Program. By navigating eligibility, actively participating in the program, and adhering to additional requirements, homeowners can elevate their living conditions and contribute to a sustainable future. The $1,500 rebate is not just a credit, it’s an investment in personal comfort and environmental stewardship. If you want to take advantage of this great opportunity, make Affordable Service your HVAC partner for installing your new refrigerated air unit. Let us be the bridge to a more comfortable and eco-friendly home. Contact us today at (505) 891-8907 or online to learn more or schedule your service.