How do you know when it’s time to replace your furnace instead of paying for more repairs?

It may be tempting to continue to pay for repairs to your furnace each year, but there are reasons to consider replacing the furnace itself. Here are some of the major reasons it may be better to install a new Carrier® high efficiency furnace.

  • Your current furnace is more than 15 years old. Much more energy efficient models are available, helping save money on your monthly heating bills. Older systems can develop cracks in the heat exchanger, causing potentially unsafe levels of carbon monoxide.
  • Some rooms are too hot or too cold. This could be due to improper equipment operation or problems in the air ducts.
  • Your furnace needs frequent repairs. Equipment typically has a lifespan, and as it nears its life expectancy, more issues and breakdowns occur. Sometimes that coincides with the coldest times of the year!
  • Your furnace is noisy. New furnace systems are usually quieter (and more energy efficient). A loud system may be an indication that your duct system is undersized.
  • Your home is very dusty in the winter. With all the windows closed, dust may be a sign that your furnace is pulling air from the attic or crawl space and being distributed throughout your home.

New furnaces also come with a warranty. Our Heil ® No Hassle Replacement™ Limited Warranty offers up to a 10 year limited warranty on parts upon registration.

For a free estimate on a new furnace or comfort system, call Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical. Our licensed and bonded technicians will evaluate your home’s furnace and ductwork, then provide you with a no-cost estimate for a new high-performance heating system.

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