Cold Winter weather will arrive in New Mexico before we know it. During the colder months, indoor air quality can dwindle due to one simple fact; we close everything up to keep the warmth inside. The experts at Affordable Service are here with a few tips to improve your indoor air quality this Winter.

While indoor air quality can decline during colder months, it can be improved. Here are a few ways to clear the air.

  1. Keep things clean: Make sure to keep all areas clean. Dust and pollutants can impact the air quality, with little to no airflow indoors. If you have pets, clean any areas of hair, etc., as pet fur and dander can also greatly contribute to air quality in enclosed environments.
  2. Check your filters: It’s imperative to check all filters regularly, especially if you have pets or your home is more prone to dust/debris. Indoor air filters are used more frequently in Winter, so it is important to ensure follow the recommendations on how often they should be changed. You may also consider upgrading filters to improve air quality and efficiency. The team at Affordable Service can help you with this!
  3. Increase ventilation: An obvious way to reduce stagnant air in your home is to bring more fresh air into circulation. Poor ventilation includes condensation on walls or windows, stuffy air, moldy areas, dirty heating or cooling equipment, and noticeable odors when entering a room. On warmer days, open a window or door facing the sun for a bit to allow fresh air into the home.
  4. Consider using an air purifier: Air purifiers are a great option to help alleviate some of the stuffiness in your home. Air purifiers can be an effective way to help keep the indoor air cleaner during the Winter.

Indoor air quality can be hugely impacted during Winter, especially in dryer climates like New Mexico. At Affordable Service in Rio Rancho, we offer HVAC maintenance, duct cleaning, and air purifier installation that will keep you breathing easy in your home this Winter. Reach out to us with any questions. We are here to help!