Some newer model homes, custom-built homes, or remodeled homes feature both radiant heating and forced heat. There are several benefits to having both, and our team at Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric will break down how to efficiently utilize them together. As Fall approaches, the mornings are cool and crisp, and if your heat isn’t turned on, your home could feel cool and crisp too. 

Radiant heating is installed using either water tubing or electric heating coils. Radiant heating elements installed under your ceramic tile or stone don’t lose heat the way forced-air does, so it doesn’t use as much energy because it doesn’t cool as quickly. Since heat rises, and your radiant heating system is installed on the floor, it will continue to increase the temperature around it. According to The Department of Energy, radiant heating systems are 30% more efficient than forced heating systems. 

Forced heating systems are the most common type of heating system that homes are built with. Force heating systems utilize gas, propane, or electricity. Your furnace works by heating up the air inside of it and circulating it, most commonly, through the ceiling vents in your home. Forced air systems use filters to limit the number of pollutants and allergens that are distributed throughout the house.

If your home features both of these heating systems, Affordable Service knows how you can work them both simultaneously in a way that keeps your home warm and your bills affordable. 

Suppose you are restarting the system for the cooler weather; it’s essential to know that it can take a few days to warm up to the temperature you have set. You can also set zones, like your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, to be warmer than areas in your home that aren’t used as much. Radiant heating is really lovely first thing in the morning when it’s freezing out; your feet will thank you! Finding the perfect balance between the two systems can be difficult but not impossible. If you set your radiant heat to a temperature that’s purpose is to keep your feet warm in the morning, you can use your forced heating system to warm the air around you. The perfect balance exists, but finding the balance for yourself could take a little time, but these systems can work together to keep you warm!

Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric technicians are all highly trained and skilled professionals that can help teach you how to use your radiant floor heating system with your forced air heating system. Affordable Service also repairs both of these heating systems and has for many decades. If you suspect that there may be a problem with either, a service technician can come and diagnose and repair it, and you can get back to comfort in your own home.