The heat is finally coming and that means it’s time to switch over from heat to air conditioning unit, whether that is refrigerated or swamp. If you didn’t know, Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric offer Maintenance Packages and we can routinely schedule our technicians to be there to switch your unit over between seasons as well as make sure that it is continuing to work as efficiently as it should be.

If your home is equipped with a refrigerated air conditioning unit, the process of switching over from using your furnace to air is a very simple process, but first, let’s make sure that it’s ready. Before you turn on your air, make sure that the area around your unit and the unit itself isn’t covered in debris, such as dead leaves, dirt drifts, or anything that will prevent airflow. Next, it’s the perfect time to change out the air filter with a new one!

Keeping your air filter changed will help with allergens entering your home. Did you know that Affordable Service also offers the Air Knight Purification System that can be installed directly into your home’s airflow system, which helps eliminate allergens and viruses? You can read more here (link). When you have checked that your unit is clear of debris and have changed out the air filter, you can switch modes on your thermostat to cool and your unit should kick on and start cooling! If your unit isn’t cooling like it usually does or your notice that it is having to work harder, contact Affordable Service today and we will get one of our technicians out!

A lot of homes in New Mexico have swamp coolers, and this is because they work really great when the humidity is low, which is a lot of the time. Switching over entails more work than simply turning your thermostat from heat to cool. You will have an entirely different thermostat for your swamp cooler, entirely separate from your furnace.

Here are some quick tips to get you started on switching over your swamp cooler:

1. Take the sides off.

2. Clean the swamp cooler.

3. Inspect the rotating belt.

4. Clean the water pan.

5. Make sure the motor and fan are working properly.

6. Check float position after pads are saturated to avoid overflow in the pan.

7. Put it back together and make sure you leave the area clear from debris.

For a more in-depth description of switching over your swamp cooler, you can visit our previous blog here.

Affordable Service is just a call away for all of your home’s plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical needs. We also routinely offer coupons which you can present at the time of service to receive a discount. If you are looking to update your entire system before the start of the summer heat, call us to schedule a free estimate!