Enhanced air quality can do a lot for those who want to steer clear of all kinds of illnesses this cold and flu season. Cold and flu season is the time of year that no one looks forward to. It may come as a surprise, but the quality of the air in your home can affect your health. If you want to safeguard your household from the common cold and the flu, then you should zero in on indoor air quality. 

Seasonal maintenance is extremely important when it comes to the air quality in your home. It’s critical to swap out furnace and HVAC filters, especially now that you will be utilizing them more. It is also important to thoroughly clean your chimneys and air ducts. Doing this can eliminate dust and debris accumulation, which can help knock out irritants in the air such as dust, animal dander, and bacteria.

Purchasing an air purifier is a great investment as well. These can help remove additional dust, lint, pet dander, and viruses from the air, considerably improving indoor air quality. People often decide to place these devices all around their house, such as inside of their basements, family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and even kitchens.

It may seem obvious but keeping your home clean can also help fight Winter viruses and contribute to better air quality in the home. Wiping down surfaces as well as cleaning off fans and vents will help to eradicate excess dirt and germs.

These are just a few steps you can take to improve the air quality in your home. If you are facing HVAC issues, or need help ensuring your furnace is ready for the Winter, reach out to us. The expert technicians at Affordable Service are available 24/7!