The temperatures in New Mexico have started to drop significantly and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. Understanding how the changing seasons impact your home and your plumbing is important. The experts at Affordable Service in Rio Rancho are here to educate you on how the cold affects your plumbing and what to look out for this winter.

  • Grease- We have all been guilty of pouring grease down the drain at one time or another. Pouring grease down the kitchen sink is always a big “no-no”; however, it is especially harmful during colder months. When you pour hot grease down the drain, it sticks to the sides of your plumbing. In colder temperatures, the grease cools down more quickly and can solidify, which creates blockages in your plumbing. Always make sure to properly dispose of grease in a container that can be thrown away after the fact.
  • Smelly Drain- Clogs aren’t the only thing that can cause a drain to smell. The p-trap is a u-shaped portion of your pipes that you often see right under your sink. A p-trap holds water to help prevent sewer gas from venting into your home. During colder times of the year, your p-trap can dry out and cause a foul odor. This is because there is no barrier between the drain and the sewer gas. You can quickly resolve this issue by pouring a gallon of water down your drain.
  • Frozen Pipes- If you are not careful with your pipes during chilly months, they can easily freeze and cause more severe issues. The best way to avoid frozen pipes is to ensure they are well-insulated and ready for winter. It is also important to disconnect any hoses from their spigots. During extremely cold temperatures, make sure to leave any outside walls with a shower or sink on a very slow drip overnight, so the water does not freeze. Calling a professional is always a good idea if you are unsure what to do.

Preparing your home for the changing seasons is critical in ensuring everything goes smoothly this winter. Contact the team at Affordable Service if you experience any plumbing issues or need help getting your home ready for the chilly weather. Our experts are available for your plumbing needs 24/7!