A new fall season is upon us and it means it is time to changeover from your swamp cooler system to your heating system in Albuquerque, New Mexico. October is the best time to schedule a professional to come out and winterize your cooling system.

Importance of Fall Changeover

The most important reason to changeover in October is to winterize the system before it gets too cold. This will prevent damage to your cooling system and to your home.

Safety First!

Each year an average 430 people die from carbon monoxide poising. Carbon monoxide is known as the “silent killer” due to the fact that it is invisible to the human eye and completely odorless. Having your furnace inspected yearly is a vital preventative maintenance measure that can be conducted very easily as part of your seasonal change over. Keep your family safe by having a professional inspect your system this season.

Common Problems Caused By Improper Changeover

Calling a professional to complete the changeover will help you avoid having problems. Some of the common problems caused by improper changeover can include the following.

  1. Build up from mineral and dirt deposits that sit throughout the winter can rust your swamp cooler. It is a good idea to ensure your pads are changed before it sits all winter long. Also, place a cover over your evaporative cooler.
  2. Water lines rupture when the lines have not been drained properly, which not only damage your cooler but your home.

Also, if your swamp cooler is connected to the same air ducts as your heater. You will want to make sure the damper is inserted properly to safeguard against the chilly air from outside can’t get inside your home causing your furnace to work overtime.

Affordable Service Maintenance Contracts

Make sure your swamp cooler is serviced both in the spring and the fall in order to avoid:

  • Damage to your home from ruptured water lines that can freeze and cause leaks during extreme cold times of the year;
  • High gas bills from an improperly inserted damper; or
  • Damage to your cooler and having to replace it in the spring from dirt and build up.

Call Affordable Service to have a professional winterize your system this October. Affordable Service also has maintenance contracts where you can save money on both your fall and winter changeovers. Never worry again with Affordable Service maintenance service contracts. Let us take care of your cooling and heating system.