Does Your Furnace Have a Gas Leak?
Gas leaks threaten health and safety. The experienced staff at Affordable Service in Rio Rancho wants to alert our customers to the importance of this issue as cooler autumn weather arrives in the Southwest.

Signs of a Possible Furnace Gas Leak

Remain alert for these key warning signs which might indicate a gas leak:

1. An Unpleasant Sulphur (Rotten Egg) Odor

Since leaking gas can cause explosions, gas companies intentionally add a distinctive rotten egg-like odor to this fuel. If you smell gas indoors, shut off the gas and evacuate people and pets. Dial emergency assistance from a neighbor’s house or from your cell phone outdoors. The fire department will respond. Do not start a fire or even light a match. Do not turn on or off any electrical or battery-operated devices or use garage door openers, radios, televisions, computers or telephones. Avoid open flames. Do not strike a match or flick a lighter. Do not smoke. Any of these actions might cause an explosion.

2. Hissing Noises

Leaking furnaces sometimes hiss. Call Affordable Service as soon as possible.

3. Unsightly Dead Patches of Lawn

Unfortunately, leaking gas lines underground sometimes (but not always) cause this problem. Bubbling water or frozen ground in warm weather can also be indications of a gas leak.. Call a heating system repair service like Affordable Service Call us at 505-891-8907 if you have questions about your furnace. We offer annual furnace safety inspection and maintenance services!