When people think of a mini-split, they relate it to cool their home, but they can help heat rooms too. Sometimes your home’s vents aren’t placed in an area that will efficiently heat a room enough. Affordable Service in Rio Rancho is here to tell you why a mini-split may be a great idea if you struggle to warm up certain rooms in your home.

The way mini-splits work is impressively simple, and they are great options for remodels and renovations. They are also more cost-effective than replacing an entire home’s HVAC system. Mini-splits can be installed in multiple rooms without ducting, in an outside wall, and are independently controlled, making them perfect for someone trying to heat individual rooms in their home. Mini-splits are small in size and offer a lot of flexibility. You can also use these systems for zoning (if you want certain areas of your house to be different temperatures, you can organize them and install the system in zones). They are also a great option for those looking to save on their energy bill.  Surprisingly, mini-splits don’t experience some of the temperature loss that a traditional duct-dependent air conditioning unit does; however, it’s important to remember that insulation plays a role in the retention of heat. If your house has a pitched roof, insulation can also help reduce heat and energy loss.

If you are having trouble keeping your home warm this winter, contact the experts at Affordable Service. We offer professional installation of mini-split units to fit your needs. Our team is also available for any heating services or repairs. We respond 24/7!