It’s Springtime in New Mexico and while we prepare for the hotter months by having Affordable Service switch our heating units over to air conditioning and swamp coolers, an old friend who makes us sneeze and our noses run returns – allergies! Now, there may be no way to avoid the pollen and juniper in the air outside but, could switching over your air conditioner or swamp cooler make our allergies worse? It’s very possible if your air ducts aren’t cleaned!

It’s Spring cleaning time, so what do you do when you pick up those old picture frames and knick-knacks? You blow the dust off them, and that dust blows into the air and we might sneeze a little! This same principle works when you turn on your HVAC and your air ducts haven’t been cleaned. Here are just a few things that could be circulating through your home.

Dust Mites – Allergy sufferers are very familiar with the dust that spews-forth from our air ducts. You may have just dusted, but if you haven’t cleaned your air ducts first, it’ll be time to dust again tomorrow!

Pollen – As we mentioned earlier, it’s hard to avoid pollen. It gets tracked into our homes and it’s the sworn enemy of allergy sufferers. Even worse, it’ll just be spread among your home via the air ducts.

Pet Dander – We all love our fur babies! But, those fuzzy, cuddly little friends can cause allergic reactions in three out of every ten people according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Your air ducts may just help spread these sneeze-inducing dander clouds.

Mold and Mildew – Mold is a common culprit for allergy symptoms. Cleaning your air ducts will help eliminate the moisture that can turn into mold.

Bacteria and viruses – When someone in your family is sick, they can be lying in their bed in another room and a coughing or sneezing fit will happen. Those germs can travel through the air ducts and right into whichever room you’re currently in.

Odors – Sometimes, cleaning your ducts can help with that mysterious odor that you haven’t been able to pinpoint! Sometimes, small birds, lizards and other creatures can become trapped in your air ducts and that is something you want to get removed and cleaned as soon as possible.

Affordable Service is ready to help you clean your air ducts and get you ready for Spring and Summer! We service Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and the surrounding areas. Call Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today or visit our website to schedule a free estimate!