You might see commercials on television or ads in monthly publications with low-cost offers to check your furnace or air conditioner, or for a free furnace with the purchase of the air conditioning unit. “Get Your $39.95 Tune-Up” may sound like a good deal that will save you money, but understand the back story for such low, “introductory rate” offers.

HVAC companies that offer such low prices for first-time customers lose money at that low price. In fact, a $39.95 service fee likely doesn’t even cover the tech’s time for that service call, much less the travel time and fuel expense. The “free furnace” isn’t really free when the cost of the air conditioner has been increased to cover it.

So, why do companies offer a low-cost fee, much less spend money to advertise such a low price, adding to their overhead cost? It’s because they WILL find something “wrong” with your furnace or air conditioner so that they can then charge a hefty fee that will make up for the $39.95 loss leader price. That “free” furnace offer may gain some new customers, but not those who compare prices before committing to the installation.

Usually, the HVAC companies that offer “low introductory prices” are new companies — either from out-of-state or a new startup. In either case, if they don’t make enough to stay in business here, any equipment you purchased may not have the same warranty. You may also pay more for any maintenance on your HVAC system so that the cost of the advertising is also covered.

At Affordable Service, we recommend that you use a company that’s been in business many years and that charges a fair, affordable price for the professional HVAC services provided. Also, be sure to get multiple quotes on HVAC equipment installations or conversions, and also check out the business’ reviews online. Most companies will have an occasional poor review (those who don’t may be purchasing good reviews); in the case of a poor review, note how the company responded and if they helped solve the issue.

We hope you’ll choose Affordable Service for any repairs or maintenance, or for a free estimate on a conversion to a new high-efficiency heating and cooling system. We’ve served Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, and Corrales since 1986 and will be here for quality service for years to come!