You may not think much about the air ducts in your home that deliver heated air from your furnace or cooled air from your air conditioner or swamp cooler. Their vital to your HVAC system, but they also need periodic cleaning to remove dust, allergens, mold, even bugs or rodents that may find a way inside.

What’s the best time of year to clean your air ducts? At Affordable Service, we recommend having your air ducts cleaned either in the spring or the early fall. In general, have the ducts cleaned before switching to the next season’s HVAC need, either to cool or heat your home.

Many homes in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho metro have radiant floor heating, so the air ducts may not have been used since the refrigerated air or swamp cooler was shut down last fall. No air movement in the air ducts means you’ll have a dusty or musty smell when it is time to turn on the cooling equipment in the coming spring. Having the ducts cleaned will reduce that smell, but more importantly, it will clean the air ducts of any debris that you don’t want being blown around inside the home.

We recommend air duct cleaning every three to five years; in our dusty, dry climate, if your home is not really well sealed or insulated, it’s better to plan for every three years. Whether your air ducts are located in the floor, ceiling, or walls, our trained technicians can clean the air ducts and make your home safer and more hygienic. If allergens are a particular issue in your family, an air purification system might also be a good investment. Call us to learn more about air duct cleaning services for your New Mexico home.