Service agreements, or service maintenance contracts, can be helpful to homeowners, both for the routine maintenance they offer as well as other benefits.

When you take out a service agreement with Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating, A/C and Electric, it covers the twice-annual start-up or shut down of your heating and cooling equipment. Whether you have a swamp cooler or a refrigerated air conditioning system, it’s important to check it thoroughly before flipping the switch to start the cooling season. Likewise, as it’s time to shut down your furnace in the spring or start it up in the fall, our technicians will make sure everything is working properly.

Service maintenance contracts offer our customers that scheduled maintenance as well as priority scheduling if something happens to your system. Imagine it’s a super hot summer day and your swamp cooler or refrigerated air stops working—when you have a service agreement, you’re bumped to the top of the line.

It also offers customers a 10% discount on the repair or service call. That means that a service agreement can pay for itself, especially if your HVAC equipment is getting older and sometimes unreliable. A service agreement is also a real benefit to our elderly clients who have swamp coolers—our techs are ready to climb the ladder to the rooftop to do all the work that might not be safe if you’re older or have issue with balance.

If you have questions about how the agreements work or what they cover, give us a call. With start-up season coming for cooling equipment, it’s a great time to get a service maintenance contract in place and have Affordable Service scheduled to visit your Rio Rancho or Albuquerque area home.