The HVAC technicians at Affordable Service occasionally receive phone calls that reference hot or cold zones in their home or office and wanting to know about balancing their A/C system. Before you call us for service, there are some easy, do-it-yourself options that you might consider.

When you hear, “balancing your air conditioning or heating system,” industry professionals are likely talking about airflow from your vents or registers. So, let’s examine this area. First, take a walk around your home or business. Are there any vents that are open in rooms you don’t typically use? If you find those rooms, either shut down that vent, or limit the airflow by closing the register slightly. This will not only help move air to other areas of your home, but it will help you save a little cash on your electric bill. If it’s summertime, and one room is cooler than another, consider limiting airflow in the cooler room, as well. Wintertime calls for the reverse in adjustments.

You may have to test your balancing over several days to determine if your adjustments are working. If they are, great—you’re more comfortable and likely saving money! If the adjustments are not working, don’t give up—just keep at it and you’ll get it right. And, always know that the professionals at Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating, A/C and Electric are here to help.