When you’re looking to create savings on your monthly energy bill, consider that nearly 50% of the energy consumption is to provide heating and cooling, according to the Department of Energy. All the other energy uses (lights, appliances, TVs, etc) make up the rest.

So, if you changed your thermostat by just one degree, would it make a difference in your energy bill? A Department of Energy study estimates that for each 8 hour period a thermostat is changed by one degree (warmer in summer, cooler in winter) will save about one percent. By changing seven to 10 degrees, the annual energy savings could be as much as 10%.

Think of it this way: in the summer, your body wouldn’t really tell the difference if your air conditioner was set at 73 degrees instead of 72. It’s your brain that decides that 72 is more comfortable, because you looked at the thermostat!

Installing an automated thermostat can also help in the energy savings, particularly if it’s programmed to allow the HVAC system to work less, such as allowing the home’s temperature to rise to 82 degrees during the daytime when no one is home.

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