Service agreements in the plumbing, heating and cooling business have become quite common. What exactly does a service agreement provide and why it is a good idea for homeowners?

At Affordable Service, we know that by providing great service, customers are happy to turn to us the next time they need help. But, that may be a twice-a-year need in order to start up or shut down your swamp cooler or furnace. And in today’s busy world, some customers may not recall who they had work on their heating or cooling system.

When our customers purchase the Affordable Service service agreement, it puts some responsibility on Affordable Service to proactively contact you for an appointment for the changeover service in heating or cooling equipment. We make it easy!

If you need a repair or service call during the term of the service agreement, you’ll also receive a 10% cost savings.

As an example, let’s say that it’s time to turn off your evaporative cooler for the winter. If you elect to purchase a service contact, the cost for 2 visits (the annual shut down and start up for your swamp cooler) is reduced, saving you 30 percent versus the individual service fees!

Our service contract customers also receive priority scheduling over non-contract holders, so when there’s a heat wave and your air conditioner stops working, those with a service contract will be bumped up for faster service whenever possible!

A heating and cooling service agreement can save many homeowners money. If your home has aging HVAC equipment or you are not able to safely climb a ladder to perform annual swamp cooler shutdown, a service agreement can save both money and stress. If you have a question about service agreements and what they cover, call Affordable Service and we’ll be happy to explain each level of our service plans.