It’s summer in New Mexico and here in the Rio Rancho and Albuquerque area, we can get hot days. Just when you need the cooling from your swamp cooler, you may notice it’s blowing out hot air. Here are the 3 key reasons that can happen.

  1. The water line or filter has become so clogged with minerals, leaves or debris that the water in the unit can’t pass over the filter in order for the fan to blow cool air into the home. The solution is to figure out what’s preventing that from happening, then correcting it. Since many swamp coolers are mounted to the roof of the home, that means going up the ladder, evaluating the issue, then finding the right parts and replacing them. An alternative: just call Affordable Service in Rio Rancho and we’ll get that swamp cooler serviced and running quickly. Our trucks are stocked with the most-needed parts so our turnaround time can be very fast.
  2. The circuit breaker has tripped or the fuse has been blown. If there’s been any type of power surge or brownout, it’s possible that the unit shut off in order to prevent electrical damage to the unit. Check your electrical panel and see if a breaker needs to be reset.
  3. Did the swamp cooler accidentally get set to the Vent setting? That will engage the fan to blow but not engage the pump to circulate water over the filter. Without the water, the fan will blow warmer air than if it were blowing over the cool water.
  4. If the humidity outside is very high, the air coming from the swamp cooler won’t feel as cool. When our summer monsoons hit, the humidity increases. When there’s a lot of water in the air (humidity), it affects the amount of cooling that can take place.

For repairs to your swamp cooler, replacement of a new energy-efficient evaporative cooler, or a conversion to refrigerated air, turn to the experts at Affordable Service. Our technicians are highly trained in keeping your cooling system running during our hot summers in the Albuquerque area.