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Air ducts run throughout your home, allowing for air to move freely in every room. These ducts are part of the heating and cooling system, providing an outlet for hot or cold air into each room. Air ducts are connected to vents, which can be placed on the floor, ceiling or walls. While these ducts are common in almost all modern construction, very few people give them much thought. The fact is that air ducts need to be cleaned.

It can be tempting to keep using old heating equipment, and durable construction means they're often built to last. However, there are a number of potential risks of using old equipment, especially if it has not been maintained correctly. Here are a few risks and some of the ways a furnace replacement can keep you and your family safe.

When the mornings become brisk and cool in New Mexico, we know it’ll soon be time to kick on the furnace! Affordable Service can shut down your swamp cooler for the winter or winterize your refrigerated air system, and make sure your furnace will be working correctly when cold weather hits.

Radiant heating system usually don’t require a lot of repairs or maintenance, but these efficient heating systems do need attention before cold weather sets in!

How do you know when it’s time to replace your furnace instead of paying for more repairs?

Many homeowners don’t think about servicing their water heater until something goes wrong. When this happens, faucets and appliances may only produce cold water. Common problems include sensor issues, faulty thermostats and heating element failure. Numerous heaters also develop internal corrosion. This can eventually create holes in the tank that cause it to leak. Repair costs vary considerably depending on the specific problem.

In pressurized water systems commonly used today, one danger to watch out for is backflow, a phenomenon whereby contaminated water flows the wrong direction back into the potable water supply. If this should happen, call Affordable Service’s 24/7 emergency service.

Fully operational plumbing systems are a must when it comes to commercial real estate. The reality is that plumbing and drains can go awry, even when a commercial building is overseen by a responsible property or business owner. Affordable Service is a highly experienced commercial drain cleaning company serving the needs of businesses in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho areas.

Your gas or electric hot water heater is one of your home’s biggest users of energy. Keeping a 40 gallon tank of water heated to 120 degrees for 24 hours a day may give you some convenience, but the cost to maintain that temperature adds up.

You don't want to experience a hot summer day without air conditioning, so there are a few tips you should follow to ensure you keep your air conditioning running at its peak potential.

When the New Mexico Summer days begin to reach the 100 degree mark, and are then followed by the annual New Mexico monsoon season rains, the humidity becomes unbearable if you’re coming home to a swamp cooler! The one main nemesis of the evaporative (swamp) cooling is HUMIDITY! When the humidity rises above 60 percent, swamp coolers become useless for cooling!

If you’ve had a service call from a plumbing, heating and cooling company, you’ve likely been offered a service agreement. While your first reaction may be to decline the agreement and just pay for that day’s service, there may be good reasons why a HVAC service agreement is a good strategy.

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We offer free estimates on installations and equipment upgrades such as: refrigerated air conversions, furnace installations, home re-pipes and other large jobs. Service calls, general maintenance and repairs do not qualify for a free estimate.

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