In New Mexico, California, and other states throughout the southwest, great efforts are being made to raise awareness to the issue of water conservation, and many programs have been put in place to help homeowners, educators and public water suppliers. Clean, fresh water is a limited and expensive resource. Recently, in California, a law was passed that would limit the amount of water that families and households are allowed to use each day, whether or not there is a drought.

The State Water Resources Control Board in California will approve specific water usage limits for each city and water district, but they will be based off of the same formula: 55 gallons per person per day for indoor water use. This limit on indoor water use will drop to 50 gallons per person per day by 2030. No limit has been determined for outdoor water use at this time.

As we see other states making efforts to conserve this precious resource, New Mexicans should be considering what this will mean for us. It is possible that restrictions like this could be placed on water usage in New Mexico. At Affordable Service, we offer efficient fixtures such as water saving-showerheads and toilets. Our blog offers tips on how to conserve water at home easily. We know that our water use effects not only us, but future generations as well!