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Switch to Refrigerated Air: 3 Reasons Why You Should Make the Change Now

If you’re a savvy shopper, you likely love getting deals on off season items. Buying skis in July and swimsuits in January can save you quite a bit of money on high quality name brand items. The same principle goes for your home’s heating and cooling needs. At Affordable Service, we believe that now, in the middle of winter, is a great time for converting your swamp cooler to refrigerated air.

Because it’s off season, conversions are in lower demand, thus allowing us more flexibility when it comes to pricing. Here are three of the top reasons why you should convert to refrigerated air today:

1. Refrigerated air gives you complete control over air temperature. Swamp coolers pull air in from outside the home and cool it using evaporative cooling. Humidity is introduced to the air to lower the temperature. Refrigerated air, or air conditioners, however, are not dependent on outside air, allowing you the convenience of complete control over air temperature. Without pulling in outside air, you can also be assured that the air quality in your home will be superior You can set your thermostat to your desired temperature regardless of outside air. You can switch between heating and cooling with ease.

2. No more changeovers: Swamp coolers require seasonal changeovers. Refrigerated air units do not require seasonal changeovers, only regular filter changes. Less maintenance means the overall cost of ownership over the lifetime of the refrigerated air unit is lower compared to a swamp cooler.

3. Higher energy efficiency. Because refrigerated air does not require the use of precious water in order to cool air, refrigerated air actually saves customers money. Because of the amount of energy saved every year, PNM awards refrigerated air users annual rebates up to $600. In addition, refrigerated air users can receive a $300 federal tax credit. Energy efficiency really pays off!

These are just three compelling reasons to consider switching to refrigerated air. Save energy and money, and enjoy the comfort and convenience of refrigerated air! Call Affordable Service today to make the change!

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