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Holiday Plumbing Emergencies

The Holidays bring family together, but having more people in your home can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. With colder weather, more cooking in the kitchen, and more guests showering and using your bathroom, the extra strain on your plumbing can mean clogged pipes, frozen pipes, and cold showers.

At Affordable Service, we often get emergency calls during the holidays, and we’re always happy to help, any time of day, any day of the year. However, you can prevent the inconvenience of a holiday plumbing emergency by following these guidelines:

Garbage disposal do’s and don’ts:
A key problem area for plumbing during the holiday season is the kitchen. Specifically, the kitchen sink and garbage disposal. Although you should never dispose of fats, oils or grease in the garbage disposal, the colder weather during the holiday season makes this even more serious. Fats, oils, and grease solidify in cold pipes and can lead to clogged pipes quicker than they would in warmer months. These substances will also coat your pipes with a film that decays over time and causes an odor.

Other foods to avoid throwing in the garbage disposal include pasta, rice, potatoes, beans, and fibrous vegetables. Pasta, rice, potatoes and beans swell with water and form a paste which can clog drains. Fibrous vegetables like celery, artichokes, and carrots have fibers that will wrap around the garbage disposal blades.

You can however, use your garbage disposal for citrus rinds, fruits and vegetable scraps, small bones, and cooked meat scraps.

Plan ahead to conserve hot water:
One of the worst parts of having guests is the cold showers. With extra people using your shower, your hot water heater can become exhausted. But planning ahead can help. Turning up your water heater can help, but do not exceed 125 degrees. Spread out showers throughout the day. Even waiting ten minutes between showers can conserve hot water. Run your dishwasher and washing machines at night or at off times so there’s more hot water for your guests. If you’re running out of hot water too quickly or suspect that it’s about to fail, call Affordable Service. We are still offering $100 off water heaters through the end of the year.

Prevent frozen pipes:
When temperatures drop, water in your pipes can freeze. And when water freezes, it expands. When water expands into ice, it can crack your pipes and cause a lot of damage. Typically, indoor piping isn’t at much of a risk, but if pipes are located in an unheated area of your home, such as an attic, crawl space or garage, they are at risk of freezing. If you notice a difference in your water pressure, frozen pipes could be to blame. Contact Affordable Service. We are often able to assess the situation and correct it before any major damage is done!

This holiday season, keep these tips in mind to keep your guests comfortable and prevent expensive repairs. Of course, if plumbing emergencies do come up, Affordable Service is open 24/7, even on holidays.

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