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Dumb Things People Do with Their Thermostat

Dumb Things People Do with Their Thermostat

Over 50% of your energy costs go towards heating and cooling your home. The first place to look is at how you use your thermostat. According to the experts in cooling and heating services that Albuquerque residents trust, knowing a few simple things could end up saving you a lot in the long-run.

Here are three things to consider when adjusting the temperature on your HVAC system.

#1 Don't Crank the Temperature Just to Make Things Go Faster

You walk in the house on a hot day and want cool air instantly. You crank the temperature down a few degrees thinking you will get cooler faster. You would be wrong.

Your HVAC system works at the same pace no matter what temperature you set. So, you aren't going to get cooler any faster if you lower the temperature. What will happen is that the HVAC will continue to run until it reaches that lower temperature. According to the experts here at Affordable Service Albuquerque, residents will see energy costs rise if they crank the temperature too often.

#2 Don't Leave the Temperature the Same All the Time

Many people set the temperature to a comfortable setting then forget about it. That's great when you are awake and moving around. But not so great when you are asleep or away from the house.

When you are asleep or away, there is no need to keep the temperature set to the same level as when you are awake and at home. It wastes energy, driving up your utility bill. Installing a programmable thermostat is the answer. Set it to turn on when you are waking up or coming back from work or school. Then set it to turn down the temperature when you are going to sleep or leaving the home.

#3 Don't Play with the Temperature

You set the temperature to 68 degrees but find yourself getting chilled. You turn it up to 70 degrees. Your spouse comes home and finds it too warm. It gets reset to 68 degrees. You find it too cold and set it back up. Up and down the temperature goes. Up and up goes your energy bill.

You get the most cost savings if you leave the temperature the same when you are at home and awake.

Don't let your energy bills get out of control. Find the heating and cooling services Albuquerque and Rio Rancho property owners trust. Call Affordable Service Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today at 505-891-8907.

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