Service Agreements

June 4, 2016

If you’ve had a service call from a plumbing, heating and cooling company, you’ve likely been offered a service agreement. While your first reaction may be to decline the agreement and just pay for that day’s service, there may be good reasons why a HVAC service agreement is a good strategy.

At Affordable Service, we know that when we provide great service, most customers are likely to stay with us. However in a competitive world, we also know that the next time a need arises, some

customers may not recall who they had work on their heating or cooling system.

When our customers do choose our service agreement, it puts some responsibility on us to proactively reach out and help prepare your home for the changeover in heating or cooling equipment. Affordable Service will send you a seasonal reminder to schedule your appointment so you don’t have to even think about it!

The service agreements also offers a 15% cost savings during the life of the contract for any repairs needed during that time. As an example, let’s say that it’s time to turn on your evaporative cooler. Our standard fee is $149 however if you choose to purchase a service contact you can purchase 2 visits for $219.99 total bringing your cost down to nearly $100 per service!

The seasonal contract holders also hold priority scheduling to non-contract holders when the hot or cold season hits and everyone wants to be seen as soon as possible. We can be booked out 2 weeks sometimes and a contract will get you bumped up the list as far as possible!

So if you’re offered a heating and cooling service agreement, ask the technician about it. For many customers with aging HVAC equipment or who just don’t want the worry about turning their systems on and off each season, a service agreement can save money and stress. Call Affordable Service with any question about a service agreement and we’ll be happy to explain each level of our service plans.