Pex Repipe Plumbing Service

Home repiping is essential for the plumbing integrity of homes with polybutylene piping. Many homes in the Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, and Albuquerque metro areas are fitted with these faulty plumbing lines.

Polybutylene piping is unable to withstand the water pressure increases and fluctuations that can occur in residential water services. The pressure causes these pipes to determinate or even burst without warning, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage to homeowners. Replacing your polybutylene piping your home can also result in reduced insurance premiums in some cases.

Affordable Service Chooses Wirsbo PEX Plumbing System

We replace part of or the entire plumbing system of a home with Wirsbo PEX. This is called repiping. A PEX (polyethylene) plumbing system is flexible with the ability of its tubing diameter to expand up to three times larger, making it resistant to freezing or increased water pressure. This plumbing system is reliable because it is corrosion resistant, thereby reducing leak-point liability.

Protect your home. Contact us for an evaluation of your home’s plumbing integrity.

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