Air Duct Cleaning

Residential and commercial buildings’ ventilation systems get heavy use, and occasionally need to have the ducts cleaned. Affordable Service offers air duct cleaning, as well as an optional sanitation of the ductwork.

Indoor air quality can be greatly affected by the dust and debris that accumulates over time in the ducts. Our professional cleaning service cleans up to 12 ducts, removing the sand, allergens, and even organic debris like leaves and bird feathers.

Clean ductwork not only improves the indoor air quality, it also improves the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating systems.

Save $30 During Our 30th Anniversary!
12-Duct Cleaning and Sani Jet Sanitization Just $340
(a $370 value)

Our Whole House duct cleaning will typically be enough to service a traditional size home. Additionally, you now can choose to have our duct cleaning technician add the SaniJet service as an upgrade to the standard duct cleaning service. The SaniJet system is a revolutionary system that allows us to not only remove all the dust and debris from your air ducts, but additionally we can now sanitize the inside of these ducts with a plant based (green) product that leaves behind a fresh scent to be distributed by your air handler/evaporative cooler into your home after completed. We also now offer a new option to add a specific scent to the SaniJet with scents such as citrus, cherry, melon, cinnamon, and many more! What better way to tame those crazy allergies or those household cold and flu’s that circulate multiple times throughout the family due to the bacteria remaining in the home inside the duct work and other surfaces. Now you can get the jump on sanitizing your home back to that fresh healthy condition it was!

Choose the optional sanitization of the ductwork for $119.99. We offer the SaniJet sanitation system to use compressed air to apply sanitizer directly to the duct walls. Conventional foggers that use the air handling system to distribute the sanitizing fog fumigate the entire interior of the building including countertops, carpeting and furnishings.

The SaniJet ultra-fine mist doesn’t require the air handler to be on, so the spray can be used while people and pets are in the building. A choice of scents can be added as well.

Our residential air duct cleaning and commercial duct cleaning services will improve indoor air quality and make the air flow easily through your heating and cooling system. Call Affordable Service today to schedule your air duct cleaning service with one of our trained technicians.